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Tile and Hard Surface Cleaning

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Farragut offers tile, grout, linoleum, laminate, polished concrete, and other hard surfaces. Marble and tile floors offer a fashionable appearance to your Farragut, TN home but are vulnerable to dirt and dust. So, to preserve the life, we offer complete solutions that we alter to your specific requests. With our help, you can maintain the polish and beauty of tile and marble. Not just with the tile themselves. We also offer varieties to attack any problems that occur in the grout lines that keep the tiles in place. Every inch of your floor is important to us, so we want to make sure we get every bit of it perfect for you.


  • Tile/Laminate/Linoleum/Polished Concrete
  • Grout cleaning available
  • Removes staining from traffic and spills
  • Quality Is in The Details!

    We start by examining the tile work and determining what grout procedures and seals were used. We will vacuum or sweep the area of any dirt that may be existing. We use our hypoallergenic, residue-free solution as to not disturb any existing sealer or polish. We then come back over it with a microfiber material to give it that sleek gloss it deserves!


  • So Clean and Shiny You’ll Think it is Brand New!

    If the sealer you have on your tile has diminished, or merely worn down with time, we offer the service of replacing that for you. Tile sealer locks in that color and shine below a defensive layer that prevents common wear and tear that might appear over time. We apply it and let it set up for several minutes and then come back across and remove any extra sealer. We want to keep that tile clean and polished for as long as you live there!

  • When You Say “Tile,” We Think “Grout”!

    Often when cleaning tile work some people tend to think just spewing cleaner and wiping up messes will get the job finished. Going over grout lines with a brush and its cleaner will make genuine miracles happen with the purity of your tile. Dirt and soil get stuck in between the tiles that traditional cleaning doesn’t get to and address. We make sure to get deep down into grout the to make you wonder how we laid a new tile floor without you noticing!

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