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What’s Hiding In Your Farragut Couch?

October 12, 2019
Clean Your Home in Farragut

When it comes to cleaning your Farragut home, it may seem like a never-ending cycle: cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, cleaning the carpet, doing laundry, sweeping and mopping floors, washing the windows…the list goes on and on and on. It starts to feel like when you think you finally have a clean house; you are right back where you started. Throughout this ongoing cleaning cycle, there’s one place that might be easy to overlook: your furniture.

Sure, you may run the attachment of your vacuum quickly over the upholstery of your furniture or fluff the pillows on your couch, but is that enough to call it clean? To answer that question, we have some things for you to consider.

Think about how much you use your furniture and you will soon realize that your furniture gets a lot of traffic! Furniture is one of the most used items in your home, so with much use comes much dirt and grime. So the big question is: What’s hiding in your furniture?

Food Stains: Oil & Grease

When you think about your Farragut home, and the center of all the activity, besides the kitchen or dining room, the next place you typically gather the most is your living room or den. It’s in this setting that family movie nights happen. It’s here where you find those afternoon moments of peace with a great book and an incredible cup of coffee. It’s here that fans, young and old, gather to watch the Tennessee Volunteers march toward another SEC Championship.

One thing that is usually present at these gatherings is food. Coffee and scones. Chicken wings. Popcorn with butter. Chips and salsa. Nachos. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Family fun and food go together, but even being as careful as possible, one thing that can still easily get on your furniture is oil and grease from the food.

It’s obvious that when you eat those glorious chicken wings while watching college football, your fingers are going to get covered with sauce. You definitely wouldn’t think about using your couch as a napkin, but even after wiping off your fingers, there is still leftover oil and grease on your skin. Touch the couch and you are unknowingly putting that onto the fibers of the couch. This can attract dirt and cause staining on your furniture, but it also creates an attractive surface for germs to build up.

Allergens: Dust Mites & More

Just as we have discussed on our website, allergens not only hide in your carpet, but also in your furniture. It’s not something you really want to think about, but did you know that dust mites love upholstery? These tiny insects leave behind skin cells and other waste. This can build up and create allergen issues, including irritated airways, runny nose, sneezing, and other respiratory problems.


When you are sick at home, think about the places you like to rest (besides your bed). Whether it’s the couch in your living room, or your favorite recliner, facing the flu in Farragut, a cold, or any other illness is usually a little easier to handle when you are comfortable. Just like any other surface that gets exposed to germs, your furniture is no different. A quick spray with Lysol might seem like it will kill and remove the germs, but the problem goes much deeper into the fabric.

With everything we have mentioned, you can see why it is important to have the upholstery in your Farragut home professionally cleaned during the year. Professional cleaning will not only refresh the appearance and brighten up the fabric, but it will also help to keep your Farragut home healthier.

Removing stains, dirt and allergens from the upholstery in your Farragut home is one simple phone call away. With our patented hypo-allergenic cleaning solution that is designed to lift the dirt out of your upholstery, your furniture will be left clean and residue free, ready for the next big gathering in your home!

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