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January 28, 2019

Safe-Dry® is the leading carpet cleaning company that provides professional deep cleaning service. We make sure that through our cleaning process you can enjoy healthier and clean environment at home. We offer trusted carpet cleaning services in Farraguttn TN. Our complete carpet cleaning solutions adopt a unique cleaning process to ensure deeper and long-lasting cleaning.

 Our Cleaning Process

We have dedicated and well-trained professionals who work according to the needs of our customers. The certified technicians offer deep cleaning solutions and ensure complete satisfaction. We give attention to details and the specially designed protector keeps the carpet fresh and dirt-free.

  • Rinsing system: Our unparalleled cleaning solution ensures that the carpet is cleaned with soft treated water. We make sure that the dirt and soil is rinsed out, making the carpet clean and fresh.
  • Pre-treatment solution: With our carpet cleaning in Farragut TN, you can expect to improve the lifespan of the carpet. We remove dust, dirt particles that cause damage to carpet fibers. The pre-treatment solution helps loosen up the dirt and make it free from pollutants and allergens.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

There are two types of cleaning that we adopt:

  • Hot water extraction: It is said to be a comprehensive cleaning solution and known to be quite effective. Our hot water extraction process is highly impressive and helps achieve the desired results.
  • Dry cleaning: We offer reliable carpet cleaning services in Farragut TN. The type of solution is adopted depending on the fabric of the carpet.

 Skilled Technicians and High-end Technology

We understand the needs of customers and plan strategies which would be cost-effective. Our experts emphasize on:

  • Proper use of steam so that there is no damage done to fibers
  • Perform proper extraction of moisture and dirt
  • Make use of powerful cleaning agents which can remove dust and protect the fibre

Safe-Dry® appoints technicians who are proficient in handling the task. Our technicians receive training which makes them capable of using the latest technology and cleaning products. Our technicians have years of experience in the field which gives them the ability to manage the task smoothly.

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